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We love to hear from our customers. Since our service relies heavily on word of mouth, we strive to impress each of our customers. Here are some email testimonials we recently received. If you would like to join our satisfied customers or simply seek advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for the customer service of SOS-excellent Extermination. They quickly followed up the day after my first contact for a quote, and I decided to hire them for the job.

Customer testimonials

We had a full pest inspection, and everyone was very friendly and explained the whole process in detail during the few hours they were with us. We also received a follow up call a week later to make sure everything was fine. I would gladly recommend them to everyone.

Sadhana Gurung –Montréal.

Amazing experience Hats off to all the professionals…I’m so satisfied and happy with my job!! Really deserving of 5 stars. Thank you very much best job

Maryse Rainville-Ottawa

I spent 15 minutes on the phone calming myself down even though I was not a client (yet) and had no decision-making power over who my landlord was going to hire. Everything explained to me patiently. They were kind, professional, quick. I have nothing bad to say at all. Excellent service offered when they came. Thanks a lot

Kaël Seitan – Montreal

Really fast, friendly and efficient. They came right away to fix the problem and included the basement, which I didn’t have immediate access to in my warranty. They followed the basement once I got the key and the main apartment has been well done since the first visit. I couldn’t ask for better and more reliable help than them.

Nader H – Ottawa

Great service, great work. This is my second time using their service, a few years ago they helped me get rid of a major rat infestation problem in my business after other businesses didn’t managed to solve it. I used their service again this year but this time for bed bugs and again they did a great job. Very friendly, understanding, helpful and professional. Thanks guys.

Anna Cacciatore–Montreal

Thank you Osama for the excellent service you provided. Your attention to detail and your explanations were appreciated. I am a satisfied customer and I recommend SOS Extermination .

Heather Lewis–Montréal

When we called bed bug SOS they were so patient and kind to us. We were in panic mode and didn’t know what to do. They told us they would come the next morning and patiently and calmly explained to us what to do. And if we couldn’t do everything, they would help us. That’s exactly what they did all the way.

They were so professional and thorough, it was amazing!!!!! They came for the second treatment just in time and again did an amazing job. They explained everything in detail about these creatures (facts and myths) and left us totally at ease. Even once after a few months, I called them in a panic thinking I might have been bitten, and they said don’t even worry, we’ll be back. And they did!!! I can’t say enough about how professional, kind they are!!!!!! Thank you a thousand times SOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro Cernero–Montréal

Very friendly service and knowledgeable about their services. The process they need to follow to resolve the issue was well explained and the availability for questions and concerns is just wow!!!! The manager Osama is excellent. I will definitely recommend this guy.

and. Baril-Montréal

I got to know them through my cousin who uses their services for residential multiplexes. They came literally the next day to fix the infestation problem in my building and all I can say is they were amazing. They know exactly what to do! Highly recommended.

Joseph Hellier–Montreal

If Osama had come to my apartment, in less than 5 minutes he shared his incredibly insightful knowledge of the situation and then gave me some very professional opinions on what the best course of action would be. I dealt with ants for months, running exterminators in and out; but he managed to give me a concrete plan in 20 minutes. If you are looking for an exterminator with a lot of experience who can get things done and get the job done, I recommend SOS.

Katy Labrecque–Montreal

Professional team, very competent and who do the job correctly!! I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your exceptional work.

Massih Mortazavi–Montreal

Osama did a fantastic job in my apartment!!! I highly recommend this company!

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