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Ottawa residents face many types of pests, both at home and at work. Canada’s capital city faces several pest control issues. Homes and offices in Ottawa are very attractive to pests seeking shelter or food. When the cold season arrives, cockroaches, ants and other insects invade the houses.

This is why the Ottawa exterminator, SOS-Extermination has a highly qualified team. This team has Ottawa-specific pest control expertise to deal with infestations once and for all.

Why choose SOS-Extermination for pest control in Ottawa?

Eliminating parasites will protect your family and friends. SOS-Extermination offers affordable, ecological, easy and quick to install solutions. Plus, their methods are scientifically proven to exterminate bedbugs in Ottawa.

Do you have questions about pest inspections or treatments? Looking for an exterminator in Ottawa and surrounding areas? We invite you to contact SOS-Extermination today. They will be happy to answer your questions, provide you with an action plan, and help you get rid of it right away.

Here are some actions this expert can take to help you:

  • Confirmation that you have parasites
  • Inspection of the place and also of the places around it.
  • The use of non-toxic products for humans.
  • Examination of the treatment to check that it is effective
  • Recommendation or implementation of preventive measures

Service SOS-Extermination pour Ottawa

You have at your disposal a residential and commercial service.

Residential Pest Extermination in Ottawa

Pests don’t care about your home. So why should you support them? Choose Ottawa pest control specialists with years of experience. Whether your infestation is small or gigantic, SOS-Extermination wants to know all the details.

SOS-Extermination offers residential pest control services throughout Ottawa. They serve houses, apartments, bungalows, condominiums, chalets…

Just tell them about your situation and they will design the right pest control program for you.

Commercial Pest Extermination in Ottawa

In addition to being ideal for residences in the Ottawa area, extermination methods are inexpensive solutions for many businesses. We can cite for example:

  • Hospitality: hotels, event venues and rental offices
  • Property management: apartments, condominiums and houses
  • Public transport: car rental, taxis, buses and carpooling
  • Student accommodation: dormitories, places and schools
  • Hospitals and care for the elderly: curative and rehabilitation residences.

Insect pest control methods are generally quick, easy, and chemical-free. They are ideal for a number of industries that cannot afford downtime. SOS-Extermination Ottawa experts will be in and out before you know it, eliminating your bed bugs long term.

pest control

  • Ottawa ants

Ants are attracted to the presence of food in the house. They seep through small cracks and may damage the foundation. In addition, they leave scent trails to attract their colonies.

Sos-Extermination, the Ottawa exterminator eliminates infestations quickly and efficiently.

  • Control des termites d’Ottawa

As soon as termites enter your home, it is no longer easy to get rid of them. The best way to control them is to contact experts immediately. The qualified SOS-Extermination team eliminates termites from your home and implements preventive measures to prevent any new infestation.

Spiders in Ottawa

Spiders are pests that settle in homes, uninvited. Eliminating spiders can be a daunting task. Instead, entrust it to SOS-Extermination, which will eliminate your infestation with care and attention.

He has many years of experience in the extermination of spiders. For example, house spiders, or other spiders found in Ottawa.

  • Ottawa Rats and Mice

Rodent extermination becomes imperative when you are tired of hearing rodents jumping, scratching and gnawing. A rodent has settled in your home? So, it is important to do business with experts in the extermination of rats and mice. SOS-Extermination will deal with the problem effectively to prevent any new rodent infestation.

  • Bee control in Ottawa

It’s hard to enjoy your home or garden in the face of a bee infestation. There are several species of these flying insects. And they can cause serious problems if they decide to take up residence in your home. To get rid of these insects and their incessant buzzing, call on the bee exterminators at SOS-Extermination.

  • Bedbugs in Ottawa

The extermination of bedbugs is generally complex, as they are resistant to traditional pesticides. It is therefore important to do business with a pest extermination company that uses effective detection methods.

Entrust your infestation concerns to the team of professional bed bug exterminators at SOS-Extermination.

  • Ottawa Cockroaches

It’s important to use professional cockroach exterminators so you don’t have to encounter one overnight. Cockroaches are a source of stress for many people in Ottawa. Contact SOS-Extermination today and say goodbye to this nocturnal parasite.

Contact us

SOS extermination is located at 730 Scala Av, Orleans Ontario K4A4N8. You can contact them by mail at the following email address: [email protected] You can also call them at +1 514-501-2076.

FAQ (Ottawa Exterminator)

Do I need pest control to get rid of bed bugs?

The extermination of bedbugs is generally complex, as they are resistant to traditional pesticides. It is therefore important to do business with a pest extermination company that uses effective detection methods.

How long does pest control take to get rid of bed bugs?

It usually takes between 2 and 4 treatment sessions over a period of 3 to 6 weeks to completely eliminate bedbugs.

What time of year is best for pest control?

All times are favorable if you go to the best pest control expert.

Why SOS-Extermination is the best for Ottawa?

SOS-Extermination is in the city of Ottawa and operates throughout the territory. Moreover, he has many years of experience and a trained and qualified team that will give you fast and effective results.



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